Glaucoma and Ophthalmology patients within County Durham have been asked about how they would feel about receiving care in the community for their post-operative care and glaucoma monitoring.

The discussions which took place over a three month period from September to December and enabled face to face engagement with patients at clinics at University of North Durham, Bishop Auckland and Darlington Memorial Hospitals.

The proposals for a change in service delivery were explained to the patients and they were asked a range of questions around their experience of the service, how they travelled to appointments, ease of access to the hospital setting, what their feelings were about receiving their care in a community setting / the high street and also if it was easier or harder if they received their follow on care in this proposed way.

All patients felt that the proposals were a good idea and many said it would be more convenient and easier for them than having to get to a hospital setting. The reports give full details of what we found and heard.


Cataract engagement findings