CCG Assurance Framework

The CCG Assurance Framework, published by NHS England in November 2013, outlines the process to be used by NHS England to monitor and gain assurance on the performance of CCGs.

The CCG assurance process has been designed to provide confidence to internal and external stakeholders and the wider public that CCGs are operating effectively to commission safe, high-quality and sustainable services within their resources.

This framework sets out six broad ‘assurance domains’ under which this assessment will be made:

  • Are patients receiving clinically commissioned, high quality services?
  • Are patients and the public actively engaged and involved?
  • Are CCG plans delivering better outcomes for patients?
  • Does the CCG have robust governance arrangements?
  • Are CCGs working in partnership with others?
  • Does the CCG have strong and robust leadership?

A key element of the assurance process are quarterly assurance meetings with the NHS England Area Team, together with the production of a ‘delivery dashboard’ which provides information on performance against certain targets and metrics.

Copies of both the delivery dashboards and assurance reports produced by NHS England each quarter can be found below:




For Quarter 1 and 2 of 2013/14, balanced scorecards were produced under the interim CCG Assurance Framework in place at that time.  Copies of the final balanced scorecards for North Durham CCG can be found below:

Further information on the reports and dashboards included above can be found in the monthly performance reports within our Governing Body papers.