How to get involved

We believe that patients and public are key to the decision making process. Because of this, we want to encourage local people to get involved and give their views on health services in their area.

There are a variety of ways in which you can contribute to and influence the way we plan, develop and deliver our services across North Durham.

Depending on the nature of a project the CCG may hold open public events or approach individuals directly within a particular service for their experiences, invite people to a specific focus group or share open questionnaires online. The diagram  on the ‘Engagement Projects’ page shows examples of the range of approaches and groups that the CCG may include.

All GP practices have their own practice participation group.  If you would like to join, then please contact the practice manager at your local surgery for more information.

The CCG also has specific groups that meet regularly with patients such as the ‘Patient Reference Group‘ and the ‘Patient, Public and Carer Engagement Committee‘ which you can find out more about on this site.

Other ways to get involved

Social Media

We also post information, updates and opportunities to get involved  on our Facebook page and Twitter profile. To keep updated with the latest information about the CCG coming directly to you, through the following ways:

  • Facebook – simply like our Facebook page to see the latest news, event and opportunities to get involved or
  • Twitter – you can follow our profile @NHSNorthDurhamCCG as an alternative way to keep up to date.


North Durham My NHS

If you’re interested in your local NHS and would like to get involved in the work we do to develop and improve local health services, then click here to join NHS North Durham CCG’s public membership scheme.

The membership scheme is a way for people of North Durham to stay up to date with what is happening in their area regarding local health service decision making through the contracting, re-directing and decommissioning of health provision. The starting point for most members of the North Durham public and local voluntary organisations is to join the free membership scheme which has three types of membership.

Please see below the three types of membership you can opt for:

  • Type 1– Members receive regular information about health services, issues and decisions in their geographical area through an electronic bulletin. Members will receive information about health and social care needs and aspirations that have been identified and issues that have been presented and solutions to these issues.
  • Type 2– Members will receive regular information about health services, issues and decisions in their geographical area through an electronic bulletin but have the additional opportunity to shape and influence what services are needed and brought into their area for the public, patients and carers by attending focus groups, meetings etc. These members will be engaged and consulted in relation to public decisions on priorities and strategies.
  • Type 3 – Members will be an advocate for type 1 and 2 members, feeding their views to the Public, Patient and Carer Engagement (PPCE) Subcommittee and ensuring that the voices of all communities of North Durham are represented to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). They also hold NDCCG to account ensuring the CCG deliver on their legal and statutory duties with regards to engagement.


Our Newsletter

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NHS England

To become involved in the work of NHS England please visit

Here you will find information on the Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners Policy which sets out how NHS England supports PPV partners to be involved in its work. PPV partners include patients, service users, carers, families and other members of the public who are involved in NHS England’s work in different ways. The policy sets out the support and governance arrangements in place to enable PPV partners to be effective in their roles.