Commissioning Intentions 2016-17

People BlocksEach year NHS Commissioners are required by NHS England to outline their plans and priorities for the coming financial year ahead. To help inform the focus of this work NHS North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been asking local patients and the public for their views and suggestions. A write up of the engagement activity that has been undertaken through this project and a summary of the information is available below.

How your comments are used

Our commissioning intentions set out what plan to take forward in 2016/17 to work towards delivering our vision of “better health for the people of North Durham”.

We took feedback from this event (as well as feedback we have received via other mechanisms) to help us develop work plans to deliver our commissioning intentions. Clinical leads and management leads for each area reviewed the detailed comments received and mapped them  against proposed work streams to enable this. Where there are gaps, this fed into informing and developing future intentions and programmes of work.

We are committed to ensuring that patient and public engagement is embedded into all of our work programmes. We will be continuing with our programme of engagement work for 2016/17 and as part of this, there will be opportunities for more detailed discussions on particular areas of our plan. To find out details of these opportunities as they become available please visit the ‘Involve me’ section of this site.


How you had your say

Public events

We held series of open public events where contributions were received from people across the local area about their suggestions for the future. Events took place December, with additional focus group sessions delivered through our voluntary sector partners (Durham Community Action) to provide opportunities to share views as part of this process on two dates in January 2016 (Tuesday 14 January and Tuesday 19 January).

North Durham CCG Engagement Event

North Durham CCG Engagement Event

There was also a further public event on 26 January 2016 between 1 – 4pm. At this event participants were able to engage directly with members of the CCG staff team and our Clinical Leads to discuss the draft priorities in more detail. You can see the slides from the presentation at this event on the link included.

Online survey

There were opportunities to share your views to this part of the Commissioning Intentions development process by answering three questions using an online survey during November – December 2015 and January 2016 for those individuals who were unable to attend the various events.

In your GP practice

All of the NHS North Durham CCG GP practices who have a touch screen kiosk in their patient waiting areas had the same questions mentioned above were available in November – December 2015 through these devices for anyone who wished to do so.