2017: August Healthcare the smart (phone) way


Dr Neil O’Brien, Clinical Chief Officer, NHS North Durham CCG


DID you know that patients across County Durham are able to view test results as they come in, as well as keep track of their glucose and cholesterol levels on their smart phones?

All GP practices across our area are now set up to offer online access to detailed GP records, including test results and diagnoses, referrals, immunisations, procedures and medications history.

This is in addition to booking appointments online and requesting repeat prescriptions.

This innovation gives patients greater control of their care and better management of their health.

Offering GP services online has been shown to be beneficial for GP practices. For example, ‘no show’ rates for appointments booked online are lower than for appointments booked conventionally, saving significant time and resources for GPs.

This latest step is part of a raft of online GP services available to patients, all of which are designed to make their lives easier and more convenient. Using technology in this way is both great for our patients and supports our practices to reduce their workload and help work towards a paper-free NHS.

It also gives you the confidence to manage your own health.

We all lead busy lives and finding time to schedule doctors’ appointments, order prescriptions or call up for test results can sometimes be a challenge.

Offering you access to your GP record online puts you in the driving seat of your own care. If you have a long-term condition such as heart disease, for example, you will be able to track your test results on your smart phone and see how they alter in response to lifestyle changes.

Greater use of technology to enhance patient care and experience as well as reduce the administrative burden on GP practices is a key commitment of the General Practice Forward View.

For more information about this service contact your GP practice.

Dr Neil O’Brien, Clinical Chief Officer, NHS North Durham CCG


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