Who We Are

North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for planning, designing and paying for a range of local NHS services. These services include planned and emergency hospital care, rehabilitation, most community services and mental health and learning disability services.


Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Commissioning is the process of:

  1. understanding the health needs of the population
  2. agreeing plans and priorities to improve the health status
  3. developing and designing services for patients
  4. purchasing the best providers of healthcare local to population needs
  5. robustly managing provider contracts against agreed standards of care

CCGs have the freedom to commission (or buy) services for their local community from any service provider which meets NHS standards and costs. These could be NHS hospitals, social enterprises, voluntary organisations or private sector providers. This means better care for patients, designed with knowledge of local services and commissioned in response to their needs.

Changes to the health system

This diagram gives an overview of the new health and care system from April 2013. It illustrates the statutory bodies that will make up the new system, oriented around people and communities and where they receive their local health and care services. The illustration of local health services is indicative of a range of familiar settings for health and care services and is not intended to be comprehensive – the range of services available and the way in which they are delivered will vary according to local priorities.

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