How We Are Organised

We are a group of 31 GP practices who have come together to commission (or buy) local health services for people in North Durham.

On 1 April 2013 North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) took full responsibility for planning and purchasing a range of health services for people in Durham, Chester-le-Street and Derwentside.

The establishment of the CCG ensures that decisions about local health care services are truly clinically led.  The government has given us, as health professionals, a great opportunity to lead the new NHS.  Now it’s up to us to make it work.

We have developed a set of aims with our member practices, public and partners in order to ensure that we meet the needs of our population and realise our vision of Better Health for the People of North Durham.

North Durham CCG has structured its governance and decision making arrangements to ensure that all member GP practices have a strong influence and voice.  Each constituency has elected two GP representatives, one of which sits on the Governing Body and the other acting as Deputy.

A key part of their role is to listen to and adequately represent the views of constituency member practices, providing an effective two way conduit between the governing body and practices.

Our three constituencies are :


Richard Lilly

Richard Lilly


Dr Richard Lilly – GP Constituency Lead

Dr Lilly is the GP Constituency Lead for Chester le Street and he is a GP at Bridge End Surgery.


Patrick Ojechi

Patrick Ojechi


Dr Patrick Ojechi – GP Constituency Deputy

Dr Ojechi is the GP Constituency Deputy for Chester le Street and he is a GP at Middle Chare Medical Group.




Dr Chandra Anand – GP Constituency Lead

Dr Anand qualified in Medicine from the University of Birmingham Medical School. She gained membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners with Merit in 1999.She has been a GP for 16 years initially in Northumberland and then in Derwentside since 2004. She is a GP Trainer.

Philip Le Dune

Philip Le Dune


Dr Philip Le Dune – GP Constituency Lead

Dr Philip Le Dune is Deputy GP Constituency Lead for Derwentside in North Durham CCG. He is a GP principal at Annfield Plain Surgery where he has worked since 2004. He graduated from Newcastle Medical School in 1986 and became a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 1990. During his training he worked at St Benedict’s Hospice in Sunderland where he developed an interest in Palliative Care, and continues to work in this field at St Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham where he works one morning each week. His practice is involved in Clinical Research and is also in the ongoing support of primary care clinicians who are experiencing difficulties in their work and domestic lives. He is actively involved in charity work through Aid to Burkina, a charity set up to help provide medical, educational and social benefits in Burkina Faso, West Africa which he visits regularly in a supervisory capacity. He has a wife, 5 children and a dog who  a constant motivation to work hard!



Dr Pat Wright – GP Constituency Lead

Dr Wright has worked as a GP partner at Belmont and Sherburn medical group since 1985 acquiring 30 years of clinical and managerial experience. Apart from his primary role as a GP partner he has considerable experience of clinical research in the field of urology. He providesan NHS commissioned community based clinic in Belmont, as a specialist practitioner in the management of male sexual dysfunction/andrology.

Jan Panke

Jan Panke


Dr Jan Panke – GP Constituency Deputy

Dr Panke is the GP Constituency Deputy for Durham and he is a GP at Claypath and University Medical Group