Training to Improve Oral Health for Patients


Training to Improve Oral Health for Patients

A new online learning course has launched to help GPs improve oral health treatment for patients.

There is growing evidence to show that poor oral health plays a significant role in systemic disease, for example diabetes and heart disease.

North of England Commissioning Support Unit and Health Education England have worked together to produce the free online course aimed at all primary and secondary care staff.

The course gives an overview of the importance of good oral healthcare and its implications on general health.

Good oral health can also make a significant contribution to reducing the number of emergency and hospital appointments, impacting on valuable health worker time and NHS resources.

The training includes potentially describing medicines that can have a detrimental impact on oral health and how this can be managed.


There is also additional face to face training free of charge.


For more information on the oral healthcare training, visit here.



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